What began as a dynamic metal duo project by Juha Immonen & Janne Jaakkola (both ex-Hevein) now extends into a full-fledged five piece with Kristian Kuronen breaking the high end sonic barrier, Toni Kammonen hammering out low end vibrations, and Joonas Osara laying down shattering groove beats. Relentless creative fury and rage induced by the bleak world presented through the news are siphoned to form versatile, hard grooving metal that evades clear cut categorization.

After one EP and three single releases with videos creating highly positive bubbling under, the band is ready to burst out and conquer. Self produced and recorded debut album “ORATOR” consisting of 10 tracks is now mixed by the master Teemu Aalto (i.a. Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium) and mastered by another master Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Amorphis). With the looming debut album release The Silenced sets out to take it to the stages and shake booties and the constructs of the self appointed guardians of the status quo. (September 2019)